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DOT-PW.ORG The Page Rank: 5/10

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A Reseller Hosting Affiliate Programs

With the newest updates to the Free Reseller Program, our resellers can now offer a multitude of web hosting services, such as shared web hosting accounts, domain names, Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and SSL certificates. This increases their chance of making a sale to a potential customer. And this increases your chances of increasing your profits, by not just selling our web hosting services, but also by referring other people to our reseller program and letting them work as your affiliates!

By participating in our FREE Reseller Affiliate program you can receive 10% of the wholesale price of each single service sold by an affiliated hosting reseller of yours. Each time a client of a reseller, referred by you to our free program, buys, upgrades or renews a hosting service, you receive 10% of the wholesale price of that particular service as an affiliate commission. Thus, you can maintain a stable residual reseller hosting income for as long as your affiliate works with ResellersPanel.

See how much you can make with our Profit calculator.

The mechanism of referring visitors to our FREE reseller platform works very easy. You should simply create an affiliate link to a page on our website related to our FREE program and post it on your website, or on any other website, forum, or other places you find appropriate to promote our services. All you need to do is decide which page will look most attractive and marketable to the respective website visitors and place a link to that particular URL. Here you can see referral link examples that illustrate how an affiliate link should look like. The link will become functional as soon as you replace "username" with your Free Reseller Account name. 

With our FREE Reseller Affiliate program you can have as many affiliates as you wish and ensure progressively increasing residual profits for yourself, as a free reseller. Depending on the reselling activity of your affiliated resellers, you can make really good money with others working for you!

You will have access to detailed statistics, tracking the number of the affiliates referred by you to our FREE Reseller Program and the profits that they are bringing to you. You can access these statistics by visiting the 'View Affiliates' subsection in your Reseller Control Panel ("Administration Tools" section).

Domain, Web Hosting, Virtual & Dedicated Server Reseller Services

We are offering two major business models: the Free and the cPanel reseller web hosting programs. The Free Reseller Hosting Program allows you to resell ANY of the following services under your own brand (or label): Domains, Hosting Packages, VPS, Semi-Dedicated & Dedicated Servers. Beside the hosting service itself, we'll provide multi-currency billing and 24/7 technical support to your customers absolutely anonymously, on behalf of your private brand.

Risk Free Solution (No Upfront Charges or Extra Fees)

The most important of all is that there is No Risk whatsoever. Unlike with other alternatives, with us, if you make no sales, there will be no charges. We are also an ICANN accredited domain registrar. You will be receiving domain and hosting services directly from the source.



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